Why Does The Holidays Bring Out All Of The Creeps?



Why does the holidays bring out all of the creeps? Like seriously? I can’t even go to Walmart in peace. Then again you can never go to Walmart in peace. Anyway. I am always complaining about guys not noticing me. I’m probably not going to complain as much about that anymore because of the creep in Walmart yesterday.

I went to Walmart to get one item. When I walked in the store, I had to go to the other side to get what I wanted.  It was super crowded. People were everywhere. As I dashed around strollers and shopping carts, I had no idea that I was going to come face to face with Creepy Dude. He spotted me first. I noticed something off about him. I tried to move over to avoid him, but he figured out what I was doing, came over to me, and cut me off. Then he whispered something to me in a really low, really deep voice.

By now I am really freaked out. I just had a conversation about street harassment with my mother that same day. I didn’t want anything to happen to me so I started power walking to the vitamins. I picked up my gummy vitamins of choice. Don’t judge. The way the vitamin bottle is shaped is perfect. I was able to hold it like someone holds a beer bottle before they smash it against a wall… or head.  I was prepared to use it as a weapon, y’all. I really power walked it to self-checkout with that thing in my hand like a club. As I was walking back to the register, I looked about for Creepy Dude.  He noticed me again, but since he was so far away he started chasing after other women. Then I saw him staring down another young woman at checkout.

I told an employee at self-checkout what happened to me. She asked me for a description, so I gave it to her. Then she laughed it off. I don’t think she even reported it, although I really hope she did. The fact that she laughed completely slays me. I couldn’t find security. They probably would have done a better job.  I wanted to speak with the manager, but I would have had to cut back around by Creepy Dude.

There are sooooo many things that I could have done better yesterday, but I was just really scared. Usually I park as close as possible for times like this when I may feel like I am in danger, but my car was parked so far away because the store was full of people. It felt like Black Friday all over again in there. I just wanted to get home without being followed to my car. I walked so hard and fast, I dropped my bag in the parking lot. I picked that bag up so fast and ran to my car.

Have you ever had these types of experiences before? What did you do?  What can stores do to prevent these types of things from happening? Photo from here.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. These kind of incidents freak me out too,
    I used to love going to Walmart at night until they came out with a news story discussing the average of attacks that occur in their parking lots. Mainly because they are so humongous and although they do have security it’s maybe one car-which is not enough for a lot their size.
    I also, listen to instinct which I’m glad you did, something inside you just KNOWS a person/situation is off. I’m glad you’re okay honey.

    1. Thanks Zadry! I am so glad my common sense and instincts kicked in in that store. I don
      t blame you. Some deranged woman tried to hit my mom and me with a shopping cart and cussed my mom out also at a Walmart. That store is getting too intense.

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