I Bought A Wordsworth Planner And I Love It Already

Wordsworth Planner

I recently bought a Wordsworth Planner, and I don’t no who I am anymore because I love it. I have always been a heavy planner user, but I hated goal oriented planners. All I needed was a calendar and a weekly or daily spread. Dasssit!??‍♀️

Now things have changed. I bought my Wordsworth Planner on sale for $14.99 instead of the usual $39.99. I also ordered it so that it would show up right before my Best Self Planner ended. Again…who am I?

I’ve spent the last 13 weeks writing in my goal oriented Best Self Planner, and I feel like this one gives me the feel of the Best Self Planner but lasts longer and has better features. It isn’t economical for me to buy a new planner every two months.

My BSP was given to me for Christmas by my best friend and started me on the goal oriented planner journey. Every day and night I planned my day because it was a monthly, weekly, and daily planner. It helped work through my to do lists faster, and it helped me keep track if tasks I would have usually forgotten about.

The Wordsworth Planner

I knew I needed a new planner at the end of the 13 weeks, but I didn’t want one that I had to repurchase so soon. Enter the Wordsworth Planner. Th is planner comes in one daily format and two weekly formats. I bought the weekly horizontal version.

Not only does it have similar features to my previous planner, but it comes with stickers and a big notebook section in the back with grid and blank paper. A nice sized pocket on the back holds the stickers and whatever else I need to keep back there.

The best thing about the Wordsworth Planner is the monthly, weekly, and goal setting planner sections. They are very helpful amd work together. If you decide not to use them, it is ok because each section works great on their own. I can’t wait to start writing in it. you can find the planner here.

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