I Finally Did It…

People have been begging me to do an OOTD or outfit of the day post, especially since I bought these two new dresses. I am usually too busy to do a post like this, or I just don’t feel like it. I also don’t think I am that great a model, so why bother? The floral dress comes from Evans UK and the zippered sweats looking dress comes from Topshop. They were both birthday presents I bought for myself. My bday is tomorrow, and there will be a post for that too. Also, I am just now learning how to use Gimp properly. If anybody knows how to make my pictures look less blurry, please tell me.

UPDATE: I have been getting comments and emails about my size and Topshop. I wear a US size 18 or a UK size 20/22. Topshop only goes up to a US 12 or a UK 16. I can only buy Topshop garments if the clothes have a lot of stretch to them. I hope that helps people out since a lot of you want to shop at Topshop. Also I find that I can do the same at H&M.; DON’T the size on the tag scare you. If it stretches, it will probably fit you.
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  1. OOOH I am loving that gray dress with all the zippers…..I'm a sucker for zippers! Looking good! If you don't mind me asking what size is that dress….never thought about shopping at TopShop cause didn't think it would fit!

  2. Thanks so much you guys! Mina you gotta put your comments back on because you have been wearing some amazing outfits an I can't tell you. I guess I should just email you my comments. Hey Curvy Curlz! I am a size 18 in the US, but I can wear the largest Topshop size 12 if the piece streches.

  3. You look great! I love both outfits on you! Especially that rose print Evans dress! And Happy (early) Birthday! I also wasn't sure about TopShop and me being able to wear their clothing, because I know that their clothing only goes up to a size 12 and that ain't me right now. I'm going to check out some of their pieces and give them another try.

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