I Love Photography!!!

Here is another photograph that I took. I got honorable mention in a local paper with this one. I took it while I lived in NYC in 2007. It is called “Graffiti.” Tell me what you think. As a photographer, I am constantly changing as far as my direction and vision goes. Doesn’t she kind of look like Rosario Dawson?
Update: I revised my photo. Here is another I Love Photography post

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. Wow, this photo is amazing!!! you should take more and share it with us 😀

    And thank you for your kind words. You are wonderful.

    X Hanna

  2. this pic is fly!! it reminds me of the punk rock era…just stopping by to show ya page some love and asking you to check out my blog (www.phreshbot.blogspot.com) and if you like it please follow. Thanks!!!

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