I LOVE This Editorial

Photos from Plus Model Mag.
Photo Credits
Velvet d’Amour

Chloe Elizabeth Marshall

Hair and makeup:
Lorenzo Rosi
www.lorenzorosi.com using Dermalogica

Look One:
Dress www.evans.co.uk
Sweater model’s own
Shoes model’s own
Jewelery Velvet

Look Two:
Clothing www.evans.co.uk
Jewlery model’s own
Shoes model’s own

Look Three:
Top www.evans.co.uk
Lycra pants www.torrid.com
Shoes/necklace Velvet

Look Four:
Dress www.evans.co.uk
Robe thanks to Christopher Parry
Headdress Velvet
Shoes model’s own

UPDATE: Please Check out Christina from Musings of a Fatshionista’s epic plus size fashion post. I think every plus size blogger and then some, including me, sent in an outfit post!

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about this, excluding the first dress. I'm glad it was done, but I don't feel that the styling choices were the best. (Leggings as pants are never ok in my mind, but that is personal bias.) Stuffing a plus size model into skin tight pants just veers too closely into "Beth Ditto fashion gimmick lets stuff the big girl in to something tight and shiny" territory for me. The outfit in the first b&w; photo would not look attractive on a 100 lb model.

    Why can't more editorials show plus size women in clothing that fits well and actually flatters their bodies? If I can find it in stores, then stylists with way more access than me should be able to as well.

  2. About time something fresh is in fashion editorials, loving everything, the girl, the hips, the make-up the hair, def a good start to 2010

    Much love and happy new year!

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