If You Ever Wondered When Your Next Vogue Was Hitting Newstands…

You can find out here at the Conde Nast Media Kit page for Vogue or any of their other mags.
January / Trends for the New Year: Fashion, Beauty, Culture 12/23/08

February / Spring Fashion Preview 1/20/09

March / Spring Fashion Issue 2/24/09

April / The Shape Issue 3/24/09

May / Summer Fashion 4/21/09

June / Escapes / Travel Issue 5/26/09

July / Fall Fashion Preview 6/23/09

August / Style at Any Age 7/21/09

September / Fall Fashion Issue 8/25/09

October / Weekend Wear 9/22/09

November / Fashion’s New Guard 10/20/09

December / Holiday Issue / Resort Collection 11/24/09

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. awesome, i always go looking for the magazines when i see the covers released and i get a little pissed when they’re never there hah

    trisch xo

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