I’ve Got An Etsy Crush!

I have an Etsy crush on SarahSeven’s clothes. They are too cute, and the presentation/photography is nice too. They range in price from $100- $500. I could see myself wearing these dresses and skirts to work, a party, or both. This is her blog Beaus and Arrows.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. Aww, her clothes look really adorable!

    And regarding your question, I just started using Adsense yesterday, so I’m not entirely sure yet 😛 It never hurts to try, though!

  2. her stuff is super cute but still too pricy for me. i like my stuff super cheap. one day i’m hoping i’ll get over my cheap state and start investing in quaility pieces. that’s not gonna happen until i actually get a job.

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