John Galliano Update

So after I first posted about the John Galliano suspension from Dior it looks like this video, of the designer using anti-Semitic slurs, has been discovered by The Sun newspaper in the UK.

There are some questions I have that need to be answered because the article wasn’t very clear to me:

  1. OK so this film was shot at La Perle, but is it from the same night as the incident?
  2. Who are the people in the video?
  3. Was he provoked? This seems to be what Vogue Italia thinks happened, but does it make it right?

While he does seem a little provoked, he shouldn’t have said those things. I am not a fan of racism. I mean who sits around and says “I love Hitler.” and talks about how you or your family would be “f*cking gassed” with a twinkle in their eye. That is some messed up ish if you ask me.


As always, more details to come, especially since the Dior show is right around the corner.

Video has been taken down.

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