Jourdan Dunn Is Preggers!!!!!

From the Cut:

Vogue just posted a blog item with this headline: “Expecting In Style: What The Pregnant Jourdan Should Wear This Fall.” And that is how they announced to the world the 19-year-old Dunn, who won Best Model at last year’s British Fashion Awards, is pregnant. Not just pregnant, but four months along pregnant (she’s due in December). Of course, when Vogue announces this news, they use it not as a platform for a discussion of society’s attitude toward or the pitfalls inherent in teen pregnancy, but an outlet for Vogue market editor Meredith Melling-Burke to pick out designer maternity clothes for her, yay! (She does the same for allegedly pregnant model Gisele and confirmed pregnant model Karolina Kurkova). It’s unclear who the father of Dunn’s child is. She should have plenty of money to take care of a kid after the impressive career she’s had so far. Sadly, she’ll probably be absent from Fashion Week in September. Tyra Banks better book Dunn for her talk show. Oprah would be better, but we’ll take what we can get.

Expecting In Style: What The Pregnant Jourdan Should Wear This Fall [ via Fashion Bomb]

Is this really the way she wanted her pregnancy announcement to come out, in a pregnancy style post from Vogue? Really…..Really????? And what is up with all the pregnant models. Something must be in the modeling agency’s water. Comment amongst yourselves.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. haha I was thinking about how all the models are getting preggers too! I used to REALLY want to drink model water…hmm now, not so much 🙂


    she's my age! she shouldn't be pregnant! i can't believe this. she's not married and she's just too young to have a baby, and she's doing this at the beginning of her ascent in the modeling world? i wonder if she'll still have work after the baby.

    the good thing is she's not aborting the baby, and i'm very happy about that. i'm sure the baby will be cute, but she definitely shouldn't be having a baby at this age. this is such a surprise. vogue shouldn't have included her in that pregnant article. she's too young for this.

    as you can tell, i am in shock.

  3. Wow! She's so young to be pregnant, I'm kind of surprised. She's gorgeous, though.

    I've never been there that I know of, but a few of the hotel cards are from my parents' travels, so they might have 🙂

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