Junk Nails: Anything But Junk

I totally think Intern Angelena has a new career…Nail Technician. Seriously her nails look so good, and this is the first attempt.

So lately I’ve been obsessed with nail art and what we would like to call “junk nails”. Basically it’s over the top nail art that isn’t so much wearable as it is fun to look at. It’s basically a anything goes type of nail art where anything you could possibly think of is put on nails. Lots of little acrylic pieces, gems, etc. I’ve seen some pretty crazy designs and also found an amazing supply store for starters interested in trying it out for themselves. It can get a little pricey, but if your looking for a new creative hobby like I was, you’ll find it incredibly fun as well as time consuming. So without further mention I would like to put some focus on my ignorant attempt to do some nail art of my own. It took me an entire night to do these nails and I will explain very briefly how I did them and what materials I used. So enjoy =]

The camera made it look like the gold nail polish has gaps but in reality it turns out one solid gold color.

The things I used to make these nails:
-One set of 200 Kiss glue on nails. You can choose to do gel but I decided to go with a faster approach because this was only for fun.
-OPI Nail polish in Rumba Romance
-Some Kiss press on jewels
-Very small copper leftover chain from my jewelry line. You can find chain at any craft store just make sure it’s the smallest size you can find.
-Nail glue
-Sally Hansen top maximum growth top coat

And here are the steps:
(1) First find the nails that match your nail size. If the preset nails don’t fit file them down to the appropriate size. Take some acetone nail polish remover to clean your nails and run over them with a cotton ball. After that take a nail and apply a little nail glue to the nail and on your nail as well. Press an hold for 10 seconds. Do this for each nail until all nails are on.

(2) Next take some clippers and a file and shorten them to the length you desire. I kepy mine the size they already were so I would have room to stick the chain and jewels. If you don’t file yours down simply clean the edges up so they’re nice and smooth.

(3) Apply OPI nail color in 3 separate coats until the glitter is built up and doesn’t have any gaps.

(4) After applying the nail color take a length of chain and ready it to be applied. Apply a thin layer of topcoat to the nail and stick the chain on quickly but try to make it a straight diagonal line from one of the top corners of your nail. After it is secured on the nail take a pair of nail clippers and clip any excess chain off. Repeat this for each nail.

(5) After each nail has chain secured on it take a pair of tweezers and pick a jewel and ccarefully place it along the chain in a straight diagonal line. Work your way to the tips of your nails until the space is filled. Repeat for each nail until all of the are bejewled.

(6) Once your nails have all the decor on them take a generous amount of topcoat and paint over the jewels, chain, and nail. Do this for each nail and let them dry… preferably in front of a fan or with a manual nail dryer. And you’re finished!

Here are some other nail art examples that I died over when searching:

The last image was the one I used to inspire my simpler design.

Be sure to follow me on bloglovin if you want to see more nail DIY’s because after this first attempt being so fun I can’t wait to try my complex designs. And I will definitely give junk nails a try.

-Angelena We Are Hipster Scum

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


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  2. I am a big fan of nails especially jnk nails.I was goin to school to be a naail tech a couple of years ago, but I dropped out! I shoulda hung in there because nails are really my thing, they amaze me.

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