Kate Lanphear

She always looks hot! Why can’t I be this cool? I love her cut.

If you follow Scott’s site, and mine b/c I put a pic of her up before, you would see that this women loves color! Plus she does it so well. I think red is her favorite color.

From The Sartorialist!

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. hey. good to know about blog loving’s problems. so u went to business school for undergraduate ? that’s what i am doing. oh my god i would love to go to fashion school for my graduate studies. i dont think something like this exists in Canada though. and unfortunely i can not move to the US for studies… I am tied down by a very serious relationship. Lucky you!
    … and Kate Lanphear has just this super cool attitude that i know i will never have either. i don’t know i think some women are just born cool like that.

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