Kate Moss For Topshop Christmas 2009

I really like the Kate Moss Topshop Christmas Collection. The collection is Asian inspired and very festive. I love the use of sequins and silks because it really makes the collection pop. This is by far the best and sexiest of all her Topshop collections. It just went on sale last week, and I am sure it will sell out soon. Topshop hasn’t been affected by Britain’s postal service strike so shop, shop, shop.

Photos from Topshop.
Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. this is a really good collection. i really like it too. i really want a lot of the pieces but i wonder if they ship to canada. i have to do some reserach. thx for letting me know about this collection. u know your blog is where i find most news regarding whats new and coming. that's why i love it.

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