How I’m Styling Clients With Keaton Row

Keaton Row

Keaton RowHey everybody! I just recently started styling clients with Keaton Row. What is Keaton Row? Well it is a website that helps connect you with a personal stylist.  You then create a lookbook request by telling me what kind of outfit or items you are looking for. Then I create a lookbook for you and you can easily shop the items that you like from said lookbook.

I prefer this method of styling. As you know I have been styling people for a number of years now. It is easier for me to create a shoppable lookbook for you than it is to go shopping in every store around town. The other great thing about this is that I can work with straight and plus sizes and women with any kind of budget.

You might also know that I am trying to manifest money and positive energy into my life. I want to help you all manifest money and positive energy in your lives as well.  If you have ever wanted a career in fashion, or wanted to become a personal stylist, or just wanted to find a side gig to make some money, think about joining my team. When you Keaton Row join my team, you have an opportunity to grow your income as well.

Let me know if you are interested in my personal styling services, or if you want to join my team!

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


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