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The weather is finally starting to get cooler, and this is the time where my scalp starts to get itchy. I am so glad Canviiy showed up in my inbox with a free sample. Thank you Canviiy for the free sample. Y’all this product is so good. Canviiy is a combination of different oils and ingredients that, when used on the scalp with the easy to use applicator, stops the itch. It truly works. I tried the samples they gave me, and I was so amazed by it. I usually use tea tree oil to stop the itch, but Canviiy swears by their product and claim that it gives you a long-lasting scalp soothing sensation.

Most of the ingredients are certified organic, and I love that because I really don’t like using a lot of products with strange chemicals in them. Let me go ahead and tell you all of the ingredients since I have mentioned them so much. Canviiy has aloe vera, witch hazel, manuka honey-a person fave of mine, lavender, jojoba-another personal fave, and peppermint oil. The product comes with a special pointed applicator that helps you put the serum on your scalp without any problems. The applicator makes it easy to use on any type of hair, although I think it makes the perfect scalp serum for women with natural hair. People can use it with hair extensions, weaves, hair color (dye), naturally curly, braids, twists, dreads, and updo styles.  The ScalpBliss On-The-Go Mini Tube is $7.99 and available Watch the video below for my review.


Blissful long-lasting itch-free feeling
Fast-acting cool sensation
Lightweight, non-greasy
Non-runny, easy to apply
Organic formula – infused with certified organic ingredients
Tip designed for precise scalp application
Convenient travel size
Cruelty-free product

Formulated Without:

Mineral Oil
Synthetic Fragrance
Synthetic Color

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