Shopping For Fall Lace Front Wigs With Divatress

Divatress, lace front wigs

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Divatress, lace front wigs

Fall Lace Front Wig Shopping

Recently I was approached by Divatress to check out some of their lace front wigs which was great for me because this is the time of the year that I start looking for my fall and winter wigs. I usually wear lace front wigs during these two seasons because they are protective styles. Protective styles are hairstyles that protect my natural hair from damage.

My natural hair really needs protecting during the winter months when it finally gets cold. The colder air tends to dry my hair out and make it pop. Also heavy manipulation pops and breaks my hair as well. During this time of the year I use the LOC aka Leave in Oil and Cream method to hydrate, four braids that are then pinned to either side of the head, and a lace front wig to keep my hair together. Trust me. It works.

What I Look For In A Lace Front Wig?

Now back to Divatress…while wig shopping I always like to think of what styles or colors I am going to try this year. I think I want to experiment with wilder colors and maybe even some length. This year I have been interested in the color red and this golden brown color that I think are perfect for the fall. My sorority sisters wore the colors first, so naturally I had to copy them. They wore them so well.

I also want to experiment with some natural textures and maybe some straight textures as well since I always wear my natural 4c kinky coily curls. I wouldn’t mind trying some locs or braids, but I am not in the mood to sit around for hours while someone else pulls on my scalp and my edges.

Divatress, lace front wigs

What Type of Lace Front Wigs Does Divatress Have To Offer?

Luckily for me Divatress has all of the lace front wigs in the styles that I mentioned. As I’m writing this, they have over 927 items in the lace front wig category. That’s a lot of wigs! I have seen many colors from the blackest blacks to the pinkest pinks and purplest purples. Actually I think I might try purple this fall as well. I can’t make up my mind.

The prices on Divatress are great too because they literally have lace front wigs for every budget. I have seen wigs on the site for $29 to $200 plus.They have the latest braided and loced styles, and synthetic and human hair styles as well. Divatress is really like a superstore for lace front wigs, and I can’t wait buy me a few of them.

Photos from Divatress.

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divatress, lace front wigs



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