Living Large- C. Wonder Ikat Tea For One Set

C Wonder Tea Set

C Wonder Tea Set

I don’t know if you follow me on Instagram, which you can do by clicking the link on the right sidebar, but I have been drinking a lot of tea lately and sharing it in pictures. Tea is so good for the body. I used to only like sweet tea because I am a Southern girl, but I have found the right teas from Yogi at Whole Foods. The Vanilla Energy Tea is the best.

I have just been drinking my tea out of mugs, but now I feel like I need something fancy to make teatime special. Cue the Ikat Tea For One Set from C. Wonder. The Ikat Tea For One Set is perfect for me because I can steep my tea in the teapot and pour it in the matching mug. At $38, you really can’t miss out on such a cute little tea set. The only thing is wish for now is a matching saucer. You can’t have a tea cup without a saucer. [SOURCE]

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