Beauty Bit- Lupita Nyong’o Rocks A Red Ralph Lauren Dress At 2014 Golden Globes

Lupita Nyong'o Golden Globe Dress

Lupita Nyong'o Golden Globe Dress

Lupita Nyong’o rocks a red Ralph Lauren dress at the 2014 Golden Globes. She looked so good. She really is a style star! I don’t know who has been dressing her, but she has been looking amazing at the premiers, film festivals, and award shows so far. I can’t wait to see what she does for the rest of award season. It seems like she can wear anything.

Lupita’s makeup and hair were natural and subdued. The lips were red, but the eye makeup was light. It just seemed like she had on some eyeliner, and maybe a natural eyeshadow. I also love that she wore her natural hair on the red carpet. I am so glad that other natural women are starting to wear their natural hair on the red carpet. Viola Davis and Solange Knowles often wear their natural hair on the red carpet. This is a trend I would like to see more of.

We have written about Lupita Nyong’o before on the blog, and I think will will be writing about her again.  In a sea of mediocre dresses, Lupita was one of the few who stood out for wearing something good. I really hope the women bring it at the next awards show, because the Golden Globes fashion this year was the pits. Who were your picks for best and worst dressed? Photo from Thisisplayy Instagram.

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