More From Milan Fashion Week Fall 2011

While Paris Fashion Week is starting with arrested designers, here are a few of the collections from Milan Fashion Week that I thought were worth mentioning.

Moschino Cheap & Chic was one of my favorite collections. I loved the oversized plaids, warm looking fur, and short skirts. This is a collection that I could actually see myself wearing.


Dolce & Gabbana was a little hit or miss with me. I didn’t like the whole Teddy Boy mixed with starry print dress look. I loved the dresses, and actually like the Teddy Boy look, but not when they are together.

Marni was full of fun colors and patterns. I really loved the coats and the oversized nature of the clothes.

Georgio Armani was bland, dark, and boring to me. Maybe if I see these clothes out on the everyday person, my opinion of them will change. Well I did like one coat, but that was it.


Jil Sander was beautiful again. Raf Simons did and excellent job of making really cool clothes.

I loved the colored tights and huge fur at Fendi. The skirts and pants were really great and wearable, but they still looked stylish.

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