MTV and Cotton Team Up

Here’s Kelly wearing Balmain. Photo courtesy of Enter:New Media.

I just got an email from Enter:New Media. Apparently MTV and Cotton have teamed up to do a series of webisodes featuring celebrities and fashion. The celebrities will talk about their fashion faux pas. Tell me what you think about this. I actually liked the first video, and Kelly Osbourne’s advice about being yourself was pretty good. Do you like the changes to the blog? Tell me in the comments section. I kind of like how I have changed it finally.

From the email:

Ever wonder what celebrities are thinking when they get dressed up for red carpet events? MTV and Cotton have just launched a web series called “What Were U Thinking?” that features an inside look at celeb style. Each episode features a different celebrity who is interviewed about her past and present fashion choices. After checking out each outfit, we ask (not in a snarky way), “What were you thinking?” Celebs respond to questions about what went into each of the five fashion choices. “Why did you pick that outfit, that hairdo, that makeup, that purse, those shoes?” Along the way, viewers will get tips on fashion and learn about each celeb’s personal sense of style.

The first webisode features Kelly Osbourne- controversial fashion icon Kelly Osbourne, star of the hit MTV reality show “The Osbournes” and author of the upcoming book “Fierce,” an advice memoir for girls under 21. She admits, “I was one of those girls who just got it wrong a lot.” From the looks of Kelly now, she’s finally got it right, so we invited her to take the hot seat in the first episode.

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