My Boycott of American Apparel Is Over

My self-imposed boycott of American Apparel is over. Now before you bite my head off, please read below. Even though American Apparel has been dragged all up and through PR Hell the past few weeks, Dov Charney made himself completely available today. He sent out a message with his phone number and his email address on it. I contacted him via email, he emailed me back, and then we spoke on the phone. I can’t really say what we spoke about because I would like to keep some things to myself, but the conversation surprised me. I am excited for the future, and I hope everything works out so I can bring you some even better news in the future.

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*Thanks Mikelle for the heads up today.
Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. Wow, so did he explain what all those leaked documents were about? Or apologize for his hiring practices? I hadn't heard about his releasing his email/phone# and responding, at least it seems like a step in the right direction. Very cool that you got to speak with him and hopefully set him straight though!


  2. I didn't ask him about his hiring policies but I did talk to him about another issue that I had with his company. He was really cool abut everything too. I was very surprised that he was as candid with me as he was.

  3. Did he have anything to say about plus sizes not being part of their demographic, despite 2xl being readily available for dudes? One would think a company on the verge of bankruptcy would wholeheartedly embrace a growing market segment, hungry for their wares, with money ready and willing to spend at will. The fact that the majority of their women's item don't even go to XL, which in their sizing is an 8/10 of all ridiculous things, is the main reason I no longer drop copious loads of cash there. I'd love to hear Papa Dov's reasoning on that topic.

  4. HI this is the forst time I am commenting on your blog.

    What exactly was your conversation about? Why are you 'excited' by the future with AA? This a company that has been reported to be beauty and body fascists and you gloss over your conversation with it's founder and try and reinstate it's image with sentences like you 'touched on on some things'??? You shouldn't have posted this story if you were not going to go into detail about your conversation with Dov. I really like your site but now all I think is that Dov is doing damage control and probably offered to sponsor your site as a way to changing the image of his company. Now I m not saying this is true but your post is just mysterious and weird.

    As I said earlier, I like your site but found your report on this unsatisfactory and suspect.

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