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Budget Beauty

FTC: I paid for these products myself. This is an honest review.

CurlyGirlTravels wanted me to do a budget beauty video, so I did it! I am very passionate about budget beauty, even though I love fancy beauty products…I know there are other products that are just as good-if not great- for less. In this video, I will show you products from Maybelline, NYX, Rimmel, Black Radiance, and Wet n Wild. I use these products everyday and have been using most of them for years. All of these products are $15 or less and most are below $10. You an find these products just about anywhere on the internet or at your local BSS( beauty supply store), drugstore, or big box chain store like Walmart.

Products reviewed from this video:
Dream Wonder Foundation-$10.99
Great Lash Lots of Lashes Mascara-$6.40
Master Hi-light-$9.99


Shine Killer Primer-$14.00
Matte Finish Setting Spray-$8.00
Stay Matte Powder-$5.24
Scandaleyes Liner-$4.49

Wet N Wild-
Coloricon Brow and Eye Liner-$.99

Black Radiance-
Perfect Tone Lip Stick-$1.99

Video reviews that I have already done for these products.

Black Radiance Lipstick

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder


Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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  1. Coochie cream lol :p The NYX Finishing Spray sounds nice. I’ve been looking for one but most people use expensive ones.

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