Natal Chart 101: Natal Chart Info For Noobs

natal charts


natal charts

What Is A Natal Chart
Hey everybody! How’s it going? One of the things I did while I took my blogging break was get my natal chart done. What is a natal chart? Well…the natal chart or birth chart is an astrological forecast for your life based on the movement of the planets, moons, stars, and even asteroids at your time of birth. It also basically tells you why you are the way you are.

natal chart natal chart

Disclaimer: Please remember that the things that your natal chart says may or may not come true. You have the power to change your life. Don’t take these things too seriously. If this is a little too woo woo for you, please move on to other aspects of this blog. It’s ok. I understand. I personally think astrology is fun. I am a Christian, and don’t see anything demonic in it. Also…I am not an expert in these things. I am still learning.

Ok. Back to my natal chart. I’ve always been interested in astrology, and I knew the only way to get an accurate forecast was to get a natal chart done. Unfortunately I couldn’t get one done right away because I’m adopted and my birth records are sealed.

To do a birth chart, you need:
1. An Accurate Birth Date
2. An Accurate Birth Time
3. An Accurate Birth Location

natal chart

Of course I was missing one of those three things, and I needed my birth certificate to figure it out. When you are adopted from my home state, they give you everything needed except birth time.?
They have a way of doing a natal chart without certain information, but it will not be accurate because you won’t be able to find your rising sign and that is important. They way I found my birth time was to ask my mom if she remembered what time the paperwork said. Then when we figured out the time frame I may have been born, I looked at signs that fit my personality and used that as my rising sign. Doing things that way turned out to be really accurate.

How You Can Get One Done And How I Got Mine
There are two ways to get a natal chart done. You can either pay to get it professionally done or get a free one. Remember you need the three items above for it to be totally accurate.

I paid for a completely accurate one on Fiverr astrologer Pkdobrica, and then I also got two free ones done at Astrowin and Astro App.

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How To Read A Natal Chart
Reading a natal chart is really hard for first time astrologers and takes some time to get through all of the symbols and things of that nature. This website will help you learn how to read a chart. It can sometimes take you years to figure out how to read one. It would take several more blog posts for that.
My advice to you would be to start with your sun sign, moon sign, Mars, Venus, rising sign and chart ruler. Then move into the other planets, and make sure you know what each of the twelve houses mean for each sign and planetary placement on your chart. You could just get someone to do a natal chart with the explanations for you if it seems too difficult. I know a lot of this sounds like Greek. The free ones above give you a pretty thorough explanation of your chart. There are other websites out there, but they just give you the chart. I would rather give you the websites that explain things in detail than leave you stranded.

What My Natal Chart Said And What You Can Do With This Information

Yoooo! When I tell you my natal chart was the truth…it was the truth. It basically told me about my personality, why I act the way they I do, what type of man I’m attracted to, and other things that had to do with my life. It told me that I would pursue a creative career path, which is what I’ve been doing in the fashion industry. It told me that I will always be on a path to lifelong learning. I have three degrees and am always trying to learn new things, so that was true as well.

Since the natal chart tells you what to expect for the future and helps you identify past life issues, you can use it to guide your life if you so choose. I love my natal chart. I go back to it every now and then to study it and see what it going on in my life.

natal chart

Final Tip: If you want an accurate horoscope, go online and find a free horoscope site that uses your birth date, time, and location. The horoscopes you read in the paper or magazines aren’t usually accurate because they only use your sun sign- your main zodiac sign- and totally skip your rising sign-the sign that is your personality or the qualities that people first experience when they meet you for the first time.

Solar return charts are good to do around your birthday. If you are in a relationship, get the above info from your significant other and then go online to get a free synastry chart done. You can see if you all are compatible. There are many other charts to explore after you get your natal chart done. Try it and have fun. Remember you don’t have to take this seriously. You have the power to change your life.


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