New York Fashion Week Fall 2k9-The Finale

Well it is the end of New York Fashion Week. Off to London, Milan, and gay Paris! If I actually had to work the shows, I would not have the foggiest idea on how to keep my stress levels down, my wardrobe intact, my plane tickets together, my hotel arrangements together, my travel foreign language phrase books together, and all my foreign currency. Oh My! Not to mention my computer, notebooks, cameras, and the European plugs for all my technology. I am a very organized person, so I am sure my OCD self would figure it all out.

Anywho! Christian Siriano showed last night, and I thought that he brought us all a pleasant little surprise with the collection. Yes he showed his signature ruffles, but they weren’t all over the place. His collection was fantastic. It featured different shades of browns and some teal, aquamarine-ish color in there. It was a very realistic collection this time also. It seemed like he toned down the theatrics to bring us something everybody can wear. Overall, FABULOUS. Here are some pictures from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Proenza Schouler started off with a very menswear inspired collection, but then towards the end you started to see shiny silks and satins in golds, blacks, blues, and purples. Then out of nowhere came the silk devore. I’m in love. Do I think this was a good collection? Yes. Do I think it was cohesive? Not so much. Photos from

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