Shoe of the Week- Boohoo’s Nude Peep Toe Sandals With Neon Embroidery

nude peep toe sandals

nude peep toe sandals

Boohoo Gemma Embroidered Peep Toe Plaque Ankle Strap heels are the perfect nude peep toe sandals. Last week I wrote about nude shoes too. They will be big this spring, and with spring less than 30 days away now is the time to get your shoe game tight and right!

These are a different type of nude peep toe sandal, because they have a a little neon embroidered strip near the toe. As you can see with the latest fashion week fashion shows, neon isn’t going away anytime soon. Why not embrace both trends now.  These shoes are available on boohoo for $65. Photo from Boohoo.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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