OOTD # Two

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I am trying to get better at taking these OOTD pics of myself. I am good at shooting others, but not myself. I am also trying to find time to take these pictures. I also recently posted some pics of myself to the Fatshionista Flickr page, so if you are a part of that group, go check them out!
As some of you know, ASOS recently came out with a plus size range called ASOS Curve. It was actually launched on my birthday. I decided to wait to do a review of the line until I bought something, so I could accurately judge it. I also bought a new buffalo print tunic from Target’s Pure Energy line. If you remember, my critique of the line wasn’t the nicest. Well they still have old unflattering hippie gear in stock, but they are starting to change the direction of the line. Well at least I think so. The newest pieces, like the one I bought, don’t really seem to go with the hippie theme the rest of the line has. Photos are from Target and ASOS.

#1- This dress comes from ASOS Curve. I wore it with some Aldo pumps and We Love Colors tights. Honestly I am not impressed with this dress. Maybe if I had worn one of my bodyshapers, the dress would have fit more smoothly around the tummy and the bottom of the dress wouldn’t have tried to wrap in between my legs so much. In the original picture, the waist is more cinched in and the bottom doesn’t cling as much. I am studying to be a stylist, so I know the proper foundation garment and some clips in the back of the dress probably would have made the dress fit like the picture.  I will probably wear it to church or some kind of dressy function, but that is it.
#2- I love this dress because it is a cute spring dress. This dress looks so pretty in person. I can’t wait to wear it out. It is a little short in the back though. I think it is because the elastic waist band makes it ride up when I walk. Again that can be fixed with the proper bodyshaper. I wore this dress with the We Love Colors footless tights I reviewed last week and some Barney CO-OP shoes I got on sale from their website. Speaking of their website, they always have the best sales and the store’s famous warehouse sale is going on now in LA and NYC. I went to the one in NYC last year, and it was tresmazing. Anyway the one thing I will say about these ASOS Curve dresses is they may run a little snug. I don’t know how it would fit on you all because every body is different, but I wear a 20/22 in UK plus sizes. The dresses I bought were a 22, and they were a little snug. I will keep that in mind next time I shop the site.
#3- I really like this tunic I bought from Target. I didn’t really like any of the other Pure Energy items, but this tunic was cute and it fit true to size. I am going to wear it with jeans next time because it is still a little cold out here. I also think it is a great piece to wear year round. The colors really pop too and will brighten my wardrobe.  I hope you all have a great weekend!
Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. Love these and those pink tights are amazing! I'm dubious about what size to get from the ASOS range now, but as returns are free and delivery is less than £2 I suppose it's not too bad if the fit is wrong!

  2. Aww you really do look lovely! I totally agree with your frustrations about the first dress, although it does look good on you. I ordered it as well and ended up sending it back as it didn't look right at all. The second dress is gorgeous though, and I LOVE the tights! x

  3. I think the black dress fro ASOS looks a bit matronly. I saw that one pop on a lot of "likes" lists when the line first launched. The shoes are killer! Totally love the second dress though, that looks really cute on you. & I love the pure energy top. I actually wanted it but I didn't snag it when I first saw it so now it's gone. Great! lol I swear I go in and some things get me excited, then I try them on and I totally change my mind.
    Great review cause I had planned on purchasing some things from ASOS next week!

  4. I wear the tunic from Target as a dress, with pink fishnets I got from We Love Colors, and back booties. I guess that could be considered a little scandalous as an outfit–but its definitey cute lol.

  5. I love the second dress…I have it…Its awesome..but, I'm a bit disappointed by the second dress like even the pointy shoulders don't look as good as they do on asos model..Maybe u have to be a pretend U.S. size 16 for it to look good….lol At any rate you look fab my dear. Since I asked you about ootd's in the interview you have been delivering..I love it!

  6. Some of the tunics Target is coming out with recently have been amazing! I bought like 2 from the Pure Energy line and 4 from their regular juniors line. Can you tell I love tunics? 😉

  7. I'm glad to see you posting some more about the Target line, although I LOVE some items from ASOS curve, i wouldn't feel right for me to spurge right now on clothing..I really like that tunic on you.

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