This Here Economy Sucks

While I was eating lunch today, I took a gander at CNN. They unfortunately reported that Macy’s, the “Great American Department Store”, is closing 11 stores. Be on the lookout for sales at the closing stores and on the website.

Update: I just went on the Saks website today and found this little tidbit of info for you. 80 FREAKIN’ % OFF !!!!!!!! They are either going to close stores soon, go bankrupt and lose it all, or think about a new business strategy because, while this is good for the consumer, its not good for them. I have always wanted to work here. Maybe I should seek employment elsewhere.

Where Did You Get That Outfit From?

While I was looking on some websites last night I came across a super cute outfit idea.

From Torrid.comwe have:

  • Light-Grey Scoop Neck Cami for $16
  • Black Snap Front 3/4 Sleeve Twill Jacket $54
  • Torrid Faded Wash Cuffed Skinny-Leg Denim Jean $52.00

From Old Navywe have:

  • Women’s Enamel Hoops $7.50
  • Women’s Metal Bangles $9.50
  • Women’s Chain Link Leather Hobo $39.99

From Saks Fifth Avenuewe have:

  • Christian Louboutin Paten Leather Pump in Pink $695.00

Spring Fashion Trends 2009 Take 3

I’ve got more Spring 2009 fashion tips out there for you. Remember when I said nudes, pastels, blacks, whites, and light, floaty colors were in? Well they still are, but this spring is going to be the spring of contradiction. Bright, bold colors are also in. One-shouldered, body conscious, wrapped (not banded) dresses are in for the spring. If you need a hint, just look at Alexander Wang or Balmain for Spring 2009 to get a hint. You also need to be on the lookout for ripped jeans in all kinds of colors, tints, and dyes. Something that is going to be big is the trend of shopping your own closet or swapping with a friend. That is something smart fashionistas do.

Spring 2009 Fashion Trends Take 3 by koalaqutie

This Here Economy Sucks

I just found out, on the Wall Street Journal, that Monique Lhuilier and Naeem Khan have opted out of presenting runway shows for New York Fashion Week. The recession has everybody on a choke hold right now. Within the past few weeks, it has been reported that Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson, Temperley London, Carmen Marc Valvo and other designers are holding presentations in their stores , smaller venues, or are totally trying to figure out a way to revamp their presentations into something more economic for their companies. According to, Men’s Vogue is folding, kind of folding, or revamping/downsizing. Last but not least is the news that Chanel, the epitome of luxury and chicness, laid off 200 workers. By the time I get my masters there won’t be any fashion jobs left.

Hate it or Love it

I really love the American Apparel Circle Scarves. I know everyone has seen the ads on just about every website for them, so you know what they are. I bought one in slate and loved it so much that I bought one in black for me and one in black for my mother. She could not get over how soft it was. We also share an olive colored scarf. All of my scarves are warm, but I love my black one because it is made from a thicker material than the other two that I own. I feel like it should really keep me warm in D. C.

I also like how there are so many things that you can do with this scarf. Because it is seamless, you can make it into a dress, capelet, tube top, head wrap, hood, or a hijab. I even found some new ways of wearing it just by playing with it on my own. Try one on today. They cost $28.00, but I have seen SMALLER?!?! versions that cost $20 more at department stores.

What I Need

I’m going to Washington D.C. for the big inauguration, and it is going to be cold, much colder than what I am used to down here in the South. I have a few scarves, gloves, and leggings to go under my jeans. What I really need are some earmuffs. If your ears are cold, then the rest of your head will be too.


I really like these earmuffs from American Apparel. They come in quite a few color combinations, but I really love the black because they can go with anything. They cost $20.00.

I also like these cheap earmuffs from Urban Boundaries that are on sale for $4.99. They come in four colors and wrap around your head like a head band with two fuzzy earmuffs on the sides. I really like them because they are cute and uber affordable.

These earmuffs are too cute. They are white which means they can get dirty easier than darker muffs, but they are heart shaped. Who doesn’t like hearts?

More Spring 2009 Fashion Trends

Like I said before, there are entirely too many trends to count for this coming spring, but as usual, the overachiever in me wants to bring you another Polyvore chock full of trends. Let’s recap shall we? There are going to be ruffles, plenty of pastels to go around, tailored jackets, structured shoes, and jeans, jeans, and more jeans. Now I want to tell you about the other trends that are going to be out there in the streets because I know some of you do not like the airy, floaty side of spring. This one is for my rocker, glamour, glitzy chicks. Black and white were also big colors for spring. You are going to want to buy caged heels and sandals. I saw a pair at Bebe that were so cute. A lot of their shoes look strangely similar to some that I know I saw on a few big named designers’ runways. *wink wink* Anyway moving on. You also might want to be on the look out for big mini skirts (oxymoron huh), rhinestones, platform shoes, sheer fabrics, satin and silky fabrics, jumpsuits, and unfortnately for the people who will try these and fail miserably, HAREM PANTS!

more spring 2009 trends by koalaqutie

Spring 2009 Fashion Trends

There are too many spring fashion trends to count. How are you suppose to count all the trends that 100s of designers put each spring? Well you start with what colors stood out. For some reason, the only colors that popped were light grays, pinks, creams, and yellows. Jeans could range anywhere from skinny skinny jeans to wide boyfriend jeans. Spring dresses will be light and airy with lots of ruffles. Also look for oversized accessories from huge purses to huge necklaces. As the spring cool turns into the spring heat, jackets will be de rigueur for anyone who wants to layer a look, especially jackets with a slim fit and cuffed sleeves. Last but not least, structured heels are still a must.

Spring 2009 Fashion Trends by koalaqutie

16 or so things about me

I don’t usually do these anymore, but I’m bored.1. I have lazy eyes. One is more lazy than the other but it’s there and it’s annoying. Why can’t I just look straight for once .

2. I start grad school at the Academy of Art University in Jan., so I can get a Masters of Fine Art in fashion merchandising.

3. I love fashion,

4. books and magazines;

5. Therefore, I collect books and magazines on fashion.

6. I am an intern for STYLEHOP.COM. It is a fashion website for college women. JOIN IT OR DIE!!!! I mean stylehop sounds better than death.

7. I love all kinds of music from techno to country to rap to classical, but my favorite type of music is HOUSE MUSIC.

8. I sometimes play the cello when I don’t have fake nails on, and I just learned how to play the guitar. That was something I wanted to do since before I was 6.

9. I used to want to be a DJ, and my name was going to be DJ Lazy I. hah hah get it bah dump bum. *as the sound of bad joke drums and cymbals crash*

10. My best friend Karma and I love Gossip Girl so much that sometimes we text each other just like the narrator in GG. xoxo

11. Sometimes I feel like there is no shame in my game. I’m weird ,who cares. For example I used to curse in my head. Now I don’t care so everyone thinks this is some new occurrence, but it really isn’t.

12. Sometimes being l’enfant unique can be lonely but most of the time, I enjoy being alone. I think my life is a bunch of contradictions.

13. I don’t think I am getting married,but I have my wedding planned out already. Don’t be surprised if I move away and come back home one Christmas with some child or children I adopted. Adoption is cool. My life is better because of it.

14. I want to move away from SC, because, from my experience, nobody judges you as much in bigger cites where everyone is more unique or different.

15. I believe in abstinence and will unfortunately and more than likely be like this until I die at the tender old age of 92 or 102 whatever. What can I say, we all make our choices, as for me, the candy shop is closed.

16. Sometimes I feel like no one knows the real me. I guess it is kinda cool to be very open and closed with my life. Maybe I’m delusion, but I think it might make me a little mysterious.

I know completely random, just like my life.I also have no clue where I found this pic. is a website for college women that lets them rank and rate clothes, play games, meet other college women, and have fun. I am a community manager for Columbia College. This has been a fun internship so far. They are always looking for new interns. Stylehop also has a blog which is in its beginning stages just like this one. I recommend you go check them out, and then join the Columbia College group while you’re at it.

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