The Gossip On Beth Ditto

This just in from England via Catwalk Queen:

OMFG! So it’s no secret that Beth Ditto was hand-picked by Katie Grand to be LOVE magazine’s first cover girl, but we had no idea that she was going to bare all for the job. The sensational Gossip singer has stripped off a second time to launch the debut issue of LOVE (the last time was for NME in 2007). Advanced copies are set to hit Dover Street Market and Harvey Nichols from Saturday now instead of today because apparently they are still being printed. Although if you’re in the area, it’s worth a look.

New York Fashion Week Has Begun!

I am so excited. I can’t wait to see what everyone has produced this season.

The people at seem to think that Rachel Roy looks like YSL from Spr 08, but I liked it. I looked like some of my mom’s old pictures from the 70s and 80s. She used to have the bowl cut. So chic.

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Can I say that I loved Jillian Lewis on Project Runway, but I didn’t like her fall collection at all. It was a bit too much for me. She said it was inspired by graffiti.

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Grad School

This week I started grad school at the Academy of Art University. I am planning on earning a Masters of Fine Art in Fashion Merchandising. So far all has been well. I am taking three online classes. Crazy you say, why yes I already know that. I am trying to balance school, Delta Sigma Theta, guitar and photography lessons, and my own personal life. Hopefully I will be able to have free time to run this blog and have a personal life in the process. I don’t want to get twisted.

Couture Spring 2009

Tonight I bring you a sample of my favorite spring 2009 couture collections.

I fell in love with neutral colors featured by Elie Saab. The dresses were ruffled and beaded. It was a really feminine, yet strong collection. It was amazing as usual.

John Paul Gaultier’s collection was very 80’s looking. It also looked like it was inspired by architecture. It reminded me of Madonna’s “Express Yourself” video. Maybe he was using his previous work for his inspiration. Either way it was hot, and his show featured two black models, Sessilee Lopez and Jourdan Dunn. Awesome!!

John Galliano really did himself up this time. The Dior spring 2009 collection was amazing. Galliano was inspired by the old Flemish masters. You could see that right away with the detailing in the big bold sleeves and luxurious hats. He also had some New Look dresses in the mix as well. The colors were vibrant and the beading and ruffles were terrific. Even though some of the dresses looked like Lil Bo Peep, I could dig it.

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Michelle Obama For Vogue!!!

According to WWD,

VOGUE’S OBAMA TREATMENT: Speaking of the new administration, it appears Vogue has finally landed First Lady Michelle Obama for a cover — and it could be out in the next few weeks. Thank Obama’s hairdresser for confirming the news: Frédéric Fekkai stylist Johnny Wright this week inked a deal with television production company 44 Blue, which produces reality shows such as Style Network’s “Split Ends.” The news reports on the deal said Wright “has styled the First Lady’s coif for the Democratic National Convention, her upcoming appearance on the cover of Vogue magazine and other occasions.” Really? An e-mail to Wright’s publicist went unreturned. A Vogue spokesman stayed on script about whether Michelle Obama will make a cover appearance, saying simply, “We’re very interested in working with the First Lady.”

Nevertheless, all signs point to go for Mrs. Obama’s cover turn. Photographer Annie Leibovitz, who shoots for many Condé Nast titles, including Vogue and Vanity Fair, was spotted in Washington last week leaving the Hay-Adams Hotel, where the Obamas were staying before their eventual move to the White House. And since the March Vogue’s spring fashion issue, which hits newsstands in mid-February, is one of the thickest of the year, most observers suspect that would be the most likely one to feature the new First Lady (and family). Though it isn’t known which designer Michelle Obama will adorn for the shoot, insiders suspect she may choose some looks off the rack. Being that she’s already expressed her affection for J. Crew — which she wore during the inaugural festivities — and Target, don’t be surprised if she opts for one of those.

— S.D.S.

More From D.C.

Last night I went to the Western Ball and the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. They had some random band playing every now and then, but the real entertainment was Marc Anthony. His set of hot salsa songs was so good. I wanted to dance, and I don’t even like to dance. He even brought J. Lo out for a song and they were not acting like they were seperating at all. I also saw a few actors like Blair Underwood and Hayden Panittiere. The best part of the night was when Joe Biden and his wife came out to speak and dance. Then, after about 30 mins,the Army band came out on stage and the flags were brought out. The Obamas had arrived and everyone went crazy. He talked about change,not surprised, and then they danced. They are such a beautiful couple. I want a marriage as loving and caring as that. Michelle wore a dress and coat ensemble by Isabel Toledo during the day and at the balls she wore Jason Wu.

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Balls and Inaugruations

Last night I went to the South Carolina Society Ball at the Smithsonian National Museum of Air and Space. It was fun, but I was ready to go because my feet were hurting, and I knew that I would have to get up at 6 am so I could get ready for Barack!

This morning I got up around 6 am and got ready to go see Barack. Dad slept in and Mom and I left the hotel around 8:15. We only had to walk 6 blocks down the street but the line for our standing tickets was halfway down the street, it didn’t move for what seemed like days. Then we finally shuluffled, not shuffled but shuluffled, into one 15ft opening in a gate, and then we went through a huge security gate that that had 15-20 sections. Then we waited for the ceremony to began.

I thought both preachers were too long and the other stuff like Aretha and the poet lady ok, but I liked Itzhak and Yo-Yo Ma and the people who played with them. I like Obama’s speech. It was really long too, but he said things that I think needed to be said. I thought it was so sad to hear all those people booing Bush and clapping when Marine 1, the helicopter taking him away from D.C.,but I clapped too. I am glad he is gone. But on to happy things. Yay OBAMA!!! Yay OBAMA!!! I can’t believe this happened, but I have to because I was there. I saw the Obamas, the Bidens, several past presidents and vice-presidents, the snipers on the roof, the crowds. I saw it all.

Today in Washington

Today I went to the mall at Pentagon City. It is an amazing 3 to 4 story mall with many fantastic stores. Mom got a huge LAMB bag from Nordstrom. She says we are going to share it. I also went to Forever 21 and got a purse, a clutch, and HAREM PANTS?!?!?!?!? I am so excited about our purchases.Unfortunately Loves, I can’t find a picture of the purses we bought, but I got a picture of my pants.

We Are One

Last night Khali and I went and had an adventure on the Metro, getting lost in D.C., and eating in the post office my dad used to work in while in college.

Today I went to the South Carolina brunch, and then I went to the We Are One concert. I have never done so much standing and walking in my life. It was so much fun. I saw the first and second family-elect ,U2,Beyonce,Stevie Wonder, John Legend,John Mellencamp,Pete Seeger and his son, James Taylor, Jennifer Neetles from Sugarland, Shakira, Usher, Herbie Hancock, Heather Headley, Shelry Crow, Will I. Am., Josh Groban, Renee Fleming,Mary J. Blige, Jamie Fox, Denzel Washington, Queen Latifah,Samuel L. Jackson,Steve Carrell, Jack Black,Tom Hanks,Marisa Tomei, Rosario Dawson, and more.

I have never seen so many people of different ethnic backgrounds singing, dancing, and just participating together. I love it, and I am so glad to have this experience.

16 or so things about me

I don’t usually do these anymore, but I’m bored.1. I have lazy eyes. One is more lazy than the other but it’s there and it’s annoying. Why can’t I just look straight for once .

2. I start grad school at the Academy of Art University in Jan., so I can get a Masters of Fine Art in fashion merchandising.

3. I love fashion,

4. books and magazines;

5. Therefore, I collect books and magazines on fashion.

6. I am an intern for STYLEHOP.COM. It is a fashion website for college women. JOIN IT OR DIE!!!! I mean stylehop sounds better than death.

7. I love all kinds of music from techno to country to rap to classical, but my favorite type of music is HOUSE MUSIC.

8. I sometimes play the cello when I don’t have fake nails on, and I just learned how to play the guitar. That was something I wanted to do since before I was 6.

9. I used to want to be a DJ, and my name was going to be DJ Lazy I. hah hah get it bah dump bum. *as the sound of bad joke drums and cymbals crash*

10. My best friend Karma and I love Gossip Girl so much that sometimes we text each other just like the narrator in GG. xoxo

11. Sometimes I feel like there is no shame in my game. I’m weird ,who cares. For example I used to curse in my head. Now I don’t care so everyone thinks this is some new occurrence, but it really isn’t.

12. Sometimes being l’enfant unique can be lonely but most of the time, I enjoy being alone. I think my life is a bunch of contradictions.

13. I don’t think I am getting married,but I have my wedding planned out already. Don’t be surprised if I move away and come back home one Christmas with some child or children I adopted. Adoption is cool. My life is better because of it.

14. I want to move away from SC, because, from my experience, nobody judges you as much in bigger cites where everyone is more unique or different.

15. I believe in abstinence and will unfortunately and more than likely be like this until I die at the tender old age of 92 or 102 whatever. What can I say, we all make our choices, as for me, the candy shop is closed.

16. Sometimes I feel like no one knows the real me. I guess it is kinda cool to be very open and closed with my life. Maybe I’m delusion, but I think it might make me a little mysterious.

I know completely random, just like my life.I also have no clue where I found this pic. is a website for college women that lets them rank and rate clothes, play games, meet other college women, and have fun. I am a community manager for Columbia College. This has been a fun internship so far. They are always looking for new interns. Stylehop also has a blog which is in its beginning stages just like this one. I recommend you go check them out, and then join the Columbia College group while you’re at it.

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