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This is a partnered post from Spiegel.


I recently looked on the Spiegel website and saw a ton of items from Spiegel and Newport News that would be perfect for hoom Spiegel and Newport News. My mom has always gotten the Newport News and Spiegel catalogs in the mail. I remember looking through it and seeing some really nice look for the professional woman. Then I remember it looking a little too bland for my taste. I was surprised to see so many items online that I liked. Like actually liked.

The Madeline Coat by Newport News comes in Black and Ivory and reminds me of something all the chic women were wearing when I visited Monaco. The coat is actually $79.00 which is $30 less than it usually is on sale for. I can look like a fancy lady in the South of France for that price.


I was actually excited to see the plus size section. While it isn’t as big as the other section, it actually has more items than I thought it would have. It is rear to see a clothing company make a good majority of their straight size clothes in plus sizes. Now if only they could make that Madeline Coat and Alondra Dress in plus sizes. Mmmkay thanks!

Now Spiegel has a website called Ultimate Outlet that has all of Spiegel’s brands from Newport News to Shape FX in straight and plus sizes at a discount. You can get all the of the same basics, shoes, jewelry, and swimwear that used to be on the Spiegel site for a deep discounts. Most items are less than $10, so you can really get you holiday shopping done. Photos from Spiegel’s.

Today is the last day to ship before Christmas.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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