Oh Patti Patti Patti

Here is audio of Patti Stringer from Millionaire Matchmaker cursing her stylist out! Wow! Just wow! I can understand where she was coming from with the argument, but daaaaannnnnggggg Patti. She went all the way off. Photo from TMZ.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. WOWwwww… from watching The Millionaire Matchmaker, I know Patti to be over-the-top and outlandish with her comments. Most of the time, I find her entertaining, especially when it comes to calling out bad bachelor behavior. However, as a stylist, I find myself sympathizing with the woman who had to deal with that. I see where Patti’s coming from, but good god, people are human; she could’ve toned it down with that one!

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