Shoe of the Week- Dorothy Perkins Black and Blue 2 Part Sandals Are The Perfect Party Shoes

perfect party shoes

perfect party shoes

Dorothy Perkins’ Black and Blue 2 Part Sandals are the perfect party shoes for the summer and the fall. Depending on your climate, you can get away with these year round. Fashion editors in New York and Paris wear open-toe shoes in the winter with black opaque tights. I think black tights would look great with these shoes, but don’t do it if you fear frostbite. You can wear a plain, solid color dress with these shoes or spice it up with a black and white print. They also look good with cropped jeans and a fancy sweater or cardigan.

The Black and Blue 2 Part Sandals have a slight platform to them. Then there are a bunch of straps that come in various sizes. The wide blue strap in the middle might be a little tricky for wide feet, so watch out for that. I’m not sure if it has a little elastic on the side for stretch. These shoes are on sale right now for $49.00 because everything at Dorothy Perkins is on sale up to 30% off. Photo from Dorothy Perkins. If you are looking for an outfit to wear with these shoes, contact me at Keaton Row.

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