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Petite Party Dresses

Petite Party Dresses

The holidays are coming up quickly and everyone is looking for an appropriate, cute petite dress to wear for the fam. Luckily, these dresses can be found on 4 great sites; Anthropologie, Shop Ruche, Boohoo, and Dorothy Perkins. On Anthropologie, I found many options for the holidays. The dress I picked is fun, yet sophisticated and is called the Amalie Dress in Black. It is $248.  In my opinion it is the perfect dress for any occasion.  At Shop Ruche I saw the Hotel Brunch Belted Dress in Black. This dress is more affordable at $49.99. It is very conservative and formal, but can still be worn at a casual event.

The dress I saw on Boohoo was chosen with Thanksgiving Day in mind because the colors fit more appropriately, and the Annette Aztec Design Knitted Bodycon Dress is perfect overall. The dress is styled in reds, blues, and yellows. Plus it is knitted, so staying warm over the holidays will not be an issue. It is a really cute dress for $40.  I also think the Petite Wine Knitted Dress by Dorothy Perkins is warm and adorable.  It is actually on sale for $35 and going fast! The Wine color is in this season and can be worn by anyone! Any of these dresses can work for family events, holiday dinners, and friendly parties. Photos from the stores above!

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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