Currently Craving – Plus Size Coats

plus size coats

plus size coats

With fall being the “must-have” coat season, it’s only right to show you more plus size coats. We here at TFAS have to update you, and bring you more because the last post didn’t have these great options in them. After looking through the several sites my intern Denesha was able to pull three jackets that she is currently craving right now!

First up is the Open-Front Coat from Forever 21  Forever 21 has a lot of stylish open-front coats that are very inexpensive. This one is only $42.80! Next up is the Double-Breasted Peacoat, which can be found at almost any store, however, the store that in my opinion has the best coat for $100 is Avenue. The coat is available online in five colors, as well as in your local Avenue store. These jackets are very comfortable and stylish.

Lastly we have the Moto Jacket, which are currently on sale at Nordstrom for $301.49. These jackets are super trendy, and Nordstrom’s plus size section actually has quite a few to choose from. So there you have it, the top three plus-size jackets that are trending right now! Happy shopping! Images from Forever21Avenue  and Nordstrom.

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