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plus size jean shorts

Graphic and article written and illustrated by Denesha (Intern)

Written by Denesha (Intern)

Most plus size women are afraid to wear shorts because of how their legs and/or thighs may look in them (don’t worry, I’ll add in a few shorts that aren’t so short). However, with the spring season in full effect and summer not too far behind, it’s time to get over your fear of shorts; if not be prepared to die from a heatstroke! (Just kidding!)

Some women of size also believe that wearing shorts is something that plus size women shouldn’t wear, but I’m here to let you know that isn’t true. As plus size women, we too have the right to participate in whatever fashion trend we want!

Spring/Summer fashion trends are not just for sizes 0-11; also, if anybody needs every inch of their body to breathe in this heat, it would be us, chub rub is not good and it’s definitely not comfortable. Enough of my rant, I put together a list of four different stores; Asos Curve, Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21, and Modcloth with some of their denim shorts for us plus size women!

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Asos Curve High Waist Short In Sunflower Print – $56.44

Asos Curve Boyfriend Short With Rips – $56.44

New Look Inspire Rip And Repair Denim Short – $33.85

Asos Curve Exclusive Denim Short With Crochet – $56.44


Indigo Denim Shorts – $27.00

Midwash Boy Fit Shorts – $35.00

Indigo Denim Boy Shorts – $35.00

Black Denim Shorts – $27.00


Americana Cuffed Denim Shorts – $19.80

Wild Rose Denim Shorts – $15.80

Neo-Grunge Denim Shorts – $19.80

In The Clouds Denim Shorts – $19.80



Daily Shorts in Medium Wash – $39.99

Sun and Surf Shorts in Blue – $49.99

Karaoke Songstress Shorts – $39.99

Sailorette the Seas Shorts – $43.99


Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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