Plus Size TFAS Shop Tour- Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart

So you guys know I am doing these shop tour videos? Last week I took you all to Witch Worldwide, and this week I am taking you all to Ashley Stewart. Ashley Stewart is a great store for plus size women. I like them because I think you can find a great variety of clothes there for different occasions. You can see that in the video below. I like that Ashley Stewart is one of those stores that caters to the plus size woman with a variety of items as well. They have lingerie, shoes, accessories, and more. This shop tour video shows the webstore, but you can also click the store locator link on the website to find a physical store near you.

One thing to note about Ashley Stewart, and I mention this in the video, is that they have extended sizes now. Right now they go up to a size 32, but online only. I don’t know if they will be in stores at some point, or if they will continue to stay online only. If you are a larger size, please check out their extended sizes. I know how hard it is for some of you larger plus size girls to find clothes since most plus size brands stop at a 22/24 or a 3X. Then when the stores do have extended size, they clothes aren’t cute…at all. That is extremely frustrating. It is a headache, but Ashley Stewart has your back. Ashley Stewart’s extended sizes come in many styles, so you won’t be left out of the style party.

So check out the video below and let me know what you think.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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