Potter Fever: Emma Watson

Harry Potter may be the biggest movie of the summer. And what better way to make a tribute than to feature their very own Hermione Granger. She’s been under the spotlight since the series began in 2000.

There’s no doubt that she has a pretty face but it was only last year when she chopped off her hair that people started to notice how truly beautiful she is. The past week, she’s been doing rounds in premieres and talk shows to promote the last film of the series and she’s sported some pretty looks that would be great as pegs!

Here she steps out with a very natural and bare faced effect to match her elaborate Oscar de la Renta gown. This is a great everyday look if you want to keep your make up simple, clean and fresh. This is especially perfect for the season. If you have great skin, you can just conceal and moisturize. If you can’t leave the house without foundation, use the liquid kind to keep your face from looking cakey. Then just dab a light blush and natural-colored lipstick. Finish your look off by applying beige or nude colored eyeliner around your eyes to brighten them up.

Emma Watson’s night look is just a tweaked version of her day look above. Just apply lipstick that’s slightly pink and line your eyes lightly with black or brown eyeliner. Apply slightly more blush and eyeshadow if you feel like it. This is a great look for formal dinners or if you have a laid back party to go to.

This look is perfect for when you’re outfit is the star of the show. Emma wanted to tone down her outfit so she opted for a nude face with lined eyes. Get her look by evening out your skin tone again. Choose a very pale lipstick, on the beige side, and leave your cheeks blush-free. Then line your eyes all around with a liquid eyeliner, focusing on the outer portion.

If you feel like you want to go all out with your make up, try Emma Watson’s Black-Swan-like eyes. She keeps her face bare and focuses all the attention to her eyes. You will need two shades of eyeshadow. If you want to play it up, use light colors. Emma keeps it classic by using black and gold. She first lined her eyes with black eyeliner. Extend the line to achieve the winged effect. Then apply the black eyeshadow by following her natural crease and coloring it in but avoiding her inner eyes. Keep the wing shape made with the liner. Brighten up your eyes by applying the gold eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes. If you want to make it more dramatic, apply gold glitters on the tip of the outer corners of your eyes.


Emma Watson may have claimed her fame by playing Hermione Granger, but she sure is stepping out of Hermione’s shadow and creating her name by herself. Cheers to 10 years of Potter!

Photos from Just Jared.


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