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This is my hometown. This is my state. This is Columbia, SC.

Hello everyone. I have struggled to write blog posts this week because writing about fashion just seems so frivolous to me at the moment. I am hoping that while you read this your family and friends are safe and sound. Unfortunately for me that is not the case. The floods from the recent hurricane have turned my state, and especially my hometown, into a disaster zone. While most of my family is safe and accounted for, my friends have not been so lucky. Several of my friends are looking for a family member that may have been washed away. It has been days since they heard from him. Several of my friends have either had to evacuate or have lost everything. One friend had to grab her children and run when the water started coming into the first floor of her home at 1 in the morning.

Another friend had to swim out of her home with her boyfriend and her cat. They lost everything including their two cars. Her job was also underwater. Another friend is a vet tech on a farm. She lives there and takes care of the animals there. She had to evacuate. She also lost everything she owned. Some of the animals are feared drowned and the horses are up tho their necks in water. One of my mom’s friends had to be evacuated via motorboat in Charleston. Don’t even get me started on the roads. Most of them have been washed away.

These are just some of the stories I have been hearing from this very tragic and catastrophic event. It breaks my heart to see images of total destruction and devastation from places that I have frequented, driven over, and had many totally awesome and happy memories. It breaks my heart to hear of so many friends that have lost everything. It also makes me glad to see my state come together to help each other out. I see so many of my friends supplying people with water, whether it is by bike or car, and giving whatever they have to keep families warm and dry. There are plenty of ways for you all to help as well. I am going to put some of those ways to help down below. If I find out more, I will add them over time.

United Way of The Midlands-
Flood Disaster Relief and Volunteer Opportunities

The Red Cross-

Safety tips and ways to help.

This list is very extensive.

The State Newspaper-

More ways to help and volunteer.

If you need assistance for yourself, a friend, or family member:

There is hope SC! Please pass the word along to those who need it & after the flood waters clear, sign up to volunteer with the Red Cross & Student Organizations on USC campus to help rebuild our state! The link to volunteer is in my bio <img src=” class=”emoji” draggable=”false”> #scfloods2015 #PrayForColumbia #PrayForSouthCarolina SN: I am a firm believer that prayer works but let's not for get that faith without WORKS is dead…

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