Pretty/Nasty Party

The Ques/Kappa party is tonight. I don’t usually like greek parties, but I guess I will go. They are boring to me. I hate dancing. I hate the hot and sweaty National Guard Armory. What kind of place has multiple fans, but is still hot? It doesn’t make sense to me. At all. I know dad

For those of you that don’t know. I like museums, art functions, ballet, theater, movies, bowling, and bars where I can hear great music. I don’t like clubs or anything that resembles a club. I don’t like men following me around trying to hump me like a dog humps a stuffed animal. That is so trashy to me. Yes bars are trashy too, but the bars I go to don’t have hoochie mamas and groping men. I have never been groped or humped at once at those bars.*knocks on wood* People go there to relax, talk and socilize, dance but only a little, and listen to good music. They are there to catch the newest art.

Yes people go there to get laid, but its not all out in the open. I don’t see half naked women or perverts. I just see people rocking out to some good music and having a nonhypersexualized time. The last greek party I went to, some guy started to hump me. I kept walking away, but he kept humping and jumping after me halfway across the dance floor. I am through.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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