Quality Plus Size Apparel from Saks Fifth Avenue’s Salon Z

Saks Fifth Avenue Salon Z T-Bags

Jump for joy because Saks Fifth Avenue’s Salon Z has quality plus size apparel. Woohoo! As a plus size shoppers, we often complain about the lack of cute plus size apparel that is made of high quality materials. Some plus size shoppers are tired of paying for cheaply made, cheaply priced apparel that does not last that long, and when we do find good quality plus size apparel…it is made for the older set.

Saks Fifth Avenue Salon Z T-Bags Prairie New York

I was pleasantly surprised to see such cute clothes on the Saks Fifth Avenue website. I hardly ever pay attention to Salon Z because the last time I perused the site, it was lame. It was geared more towards older customers. Well a lot has changed in the three years since I last checked them out and I love it. My two favorite brands from the Salon Z website are Prairie New York and T-Bags. These two brands make some youthful, but sophisticated clothes that I would love to add to my closet. If you are looking for cheap clothes go to Forever 21 because this ain’t it. These clothes all cost over $100, but the good thing is they will last you a long time. Photos from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


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