Richardo Tisci Is Playing The Crying Game?

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Apparently Ricardo Tisci is using a transsexual model for the new Givenchy ad campaign. I know some people will love this idea and some people will hate it. What I want people to realize is the fact that this is nothing new and no I am not talking about Isis from ANTM. The fashion industry has had transsexual models work the runways and do things like this before. You just never knew about it because it wasn’t something that was publicized. I like the ads, and have no problems with the fashion world using transsexual models.Tell me your thoughts on this. I want to know how you feel.

From Stylehop:


The new Givenchy ad campaign is breaking boundaries by using a transexual model in the photos. Riccardo Tisci has cast transexual model Lea T. in the fall/winter campaign for the fabulous brand. Lea has known Tisci for a long time, being his personal assistant, and is also a former fit model. Tisci also explains that the use of Lea further adds to the female-male dichotomy that he has always tried to play up in the brand’s advertisements. I think the photos came out beautifully and I am so glad to see all people being represented in advertisements. Now we have plus size models and transexual models gracing the pages of magazines, it’s definitely a sign of the time we live in.
– Amy Huckabay

Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. I think this is excellent, I am actually really pleasantly surprised by this news. Trans folk get such a hard time in all kinds of walks of life, so I think (or at least hope) to include them in something as aspirational as fashion photography could prove a little helpful in combating stigmas in the real world.

    Thanks for the heads up! I love the second photo as well, it's great.

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