Robin Givhan is Leaving the Washington Post

Photo from Washingtonian.

Robin Givhan is leaving the Washington Post for Tina Brown’s Newsweek. She has been at the Post for about 15 years. While she was there reporting on style in the Sunday paper, she received a Pulitzer Prize for her writing. I may not agree with everything that Givhan says, but I have to admit that her writing style is amazing. She always knows just what to say whether it is right or wrong. Givhan has a way with words that deeply expresses even the tiniest of thoughts.

Tina Brown said this is a statement Tuesday afternoon,

We are thrilled that Robin Givhan is bringing her stylish pen, reportorial rigueur and keen cultural insight to Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

Robin Givhan, who will still be based in Washington, will write on style and culture starting January 10th. You can read the rest of the news about her departure here.

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