Shoe of the Week- Rodarte Spring 2014 Runway Shoes

Rodarte Spring 2014 Shoes

Rodarte Spring 2014 Shoes

Have you seen the Rodarte Spring 2014 runway shoes from the latest collection that showed in New York yesterday? Those shoes look like they would hurt my feet, but for some strange reason…I like them! They came in different skins, prints, and heel heights. My personal fave is the one above. I like the white mixed with brown snakeskin mixed with black mixed with gold detailing placed on a low heel. Everything you aren’t supposed to mix together is put together in quite the chic little shoe. I love it y’all, and since single soled pointy toed shoes are back, you might want to reacclimate yourself to the new trend sooner than later. Photo from

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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