Rose Cordero Cover French Vogue

From Clutch Magazine:

Vogue Paris’ March cover is a milestone issue featuring it’s second Black model since Liya Kebede. Rose Cordero is a stunning site in Vuitton with some of the best styling we’ve seen in recent fashion pages. It’s a Spanish military influence with the use of knitwear, corsetry while the function of the belt takes on a different form as a neck-piece. Congrats to Cordero, clearly a rising star.





Jai From The Fat and Skinny


  1. She looks great! I agree with Citizen Rosebud that hopefully there will be a day in time in which it's not historical to have a black model on the cover. I guess we're progressing, though…

  2. Wow she is stunning. I agree with Citizen Rosebud as well. It's about time having a black cover model stops being "history." I'm stunned that it is such a milestone these days. Great post! xoxo

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