Runaway Runway 2013

runaway runway 2013

Over the weekend, I went to the Columbia Design League‘s annual green fashion show Runaway Runway.  It is a design competition where all the clothes must be made out of recyclable items and trash. If you remember the last time I went to the event, I wasn’t impressed. This year was different. I went to Runaway Runway at the Township Auditorium because a friend of mine had entered the competition, and I wanted to support her.

The last time I went to Runaway Runway was in 2011. The event was too long and had too much random entertainment. This year was better because they had a cool DJ, awesome judges, and the show was only 2 hours instead of four. I would have stuck to one host instead of two mismatched hosts. One overpowered the other. I also wouldn’t charge extra to get into the after party either, but other than those two things I enjoyed myself. Whew! I had a ball cheering with my friends. Although my friend didn’t win any prizes, her look was still amazing and pretty darn cool. I can truly say the event was great this year.

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