Self Care: I Went To A Foot Spa

Foot Spa

Foot Spa

I think I need to start a series called “Adventures in Self Care”. This year has seriously been about upping my self care game. I showed you a Dollar Tree haul where I bought items to take care of my skin, and I have been showcasing my adventures to The Salt Pad on Instagram. For those of you who don’t know, The Salt Pad is a Himalayan salt filled room that relaxes you and eases certain ailments. It is literally the best. Now I, and my adventures in self care, bring you my foot spa experience.

If you know me or follow me on social media, you know that I have collapsed aches. My feet are as flat as a board. Because of this, I suffer from foot pain. I do exercises on my feet, but they still hurt. The past two weeks, I found myself wearing some shoes that did not have the appropriate support for my arches. Basically it got hot, I got my nails did, and I wanted to wear sandals. *Kanye Shrug* Sooo after two weeks of tight, achy feet…..I went to the foot spa.

Cupid Foot Spa to be exact. I went in as a walk-in since walk-ins are welcome and waited about 30 minutes. After the wait came the most amazing foot massage. They used pressure points, kneading motions, and regular massage techniques on my toes, feet, legs,and knees. It was a great experience. My feet still feel amazing almost a week later. I would definitely go back again. It was only $25 for 30 minutes. They have longer massages too. They also have massages for the hand  and body, and they have the table showers as well.

Tips For Your Foot Spa Experience

  1. Please wash and care for your feet before you go. They are really working on your feet. Like all up on your feet, so do them a favor and don’t have crusty feet and ashy legs ok?
  2. This isn’t the place for happy endings, so don’t be a perv.
  3. They do use hot water to soak your feet before massaging your feet with vaseline. Make sure to tell them what temperature water you enjoy first.
  4. You are sitting on giant, plush chairs and ottomans. They kind of remind me of La-z-Boys for giants. Seriously..these things are soft and big. I sank in mine and wanted to go to sleep. You are also sitting on and covered in towels. Wear clothes you can relax in .
  5. Speaking of clothes…wear soft pants that allow you comfortably roll up the leg. The masseuse rubbed my leg from the knee down first with my pant legs rolled up. Then she put them back down and rubbed my thighs with my pants on. You don’t want them rubbing your legs in heavy jeans.
  6. Relax. Just relax. That is why you are there.

Like I said, I would definitely do it again. Have you ever been to a foot spa? Is it something you want to try? Let me know.

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