What’s Shitting You, Glamour?


OMG!!! According to Gawker, there is a mystery shitter at Glamour. Apparently Glamour’s employees are mad at the crazy working conditions and hours and leaving in droves. Is that enough to make a mystery shitter out of someone though? Meh?! What do you think? Photo from Gawker.

For years, the ladies’ room of the 16th floor of Glamour has had a
mystery shitter who has left enormous packages in various toilets and
appeared to purposefully not flush. Despite signs ranging from
laminated “please remember to flush” posters and haikus of middling
wit being taped inside each stall, the mystery shitter continues to shit, a
silent, odiferous protest against a work environment that regularly
keeps staffers there past midnight-3 a.m. nights are not unheard of.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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