Shoe of the Week- Flutter Sneaker Wedge From Shoedazzle

floral shoes, floral street style

floral shoes, floral street style

It looks like Spring has finally sprung here in South Carolina, and the Flutter sneaker wedge from Shoedazzle proves it! While running errands today, I stopped by Walgreens and bought some allergy tablets. I could literally feel the light crust, as gross as that sounds, of pollen in my throat. Then I walk into the house to see a news story on how pollen season is on the way and we must prepare for it! OMG!

Anyway. This is the season for flowers. Little things are starting to bloom here and there in my yard, the squirrels are bouncing about, and floral prints are in every store. Do you remember that little sarcastic moment in The Devil Wears Prada where Miranda Priestley was talking about the “originality” of floral prints in spring? Well I don’t care about that! Florals ARE for spring. DUH! The Flutter sneaker wedge from Shoedazzle is the perfect floral accent to your wardrobe. Florals are being worn in pants, blouses, blazers, and now shoes. Why wouldn’t you want to wear such a cute pair of shoes for less than $40? Plus the Flutter sneaker wedge puts two popular trends together in a totally adorable way. Check out the Flutter on Shoedazzle’s website and look at these other ways to sneak florals into your wardrobe.
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  1. I’m mad I told Mary about your blog bc now she’s probably going to want to buy some of this stuff and guess who pays for it? lol

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