Shoe of the Week- Shoedazzle’s Pink Marisca Platform Pump

Shoedazzle Marisca

Shoedazzle Marisca

I wasn’t going to use another Shoedazzle shoe for this week’s Shoe of the Week, but Shoedazzle’s Pink Marisca platform pump just happened to pop up in my inbox. It is so cute and pink and perfect for spring. Isn’t it hard to believe that we are already talking about spring shoes, when we just got out of the holidays? Weird. So weird, but this pastel colored shoe is just so beautiful and is only $42.95. Do you see how Shoedazzle has increased some of their prices? I hear they have some big changes coming soon, one of which involves Rachel Zoe. Isn’t that kind of a conflict with her Piperlime deal? Who knows? Anywho, get this shoe. It also comes in black. Photo from Shoedazzle.

The Eden Body Works contest winner is Shameka Monroe.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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