Shoe of the Week- Steve Madden’s Boundree Sandal Gives Your Birkenstock For Less

Boundree sandal

Boundree sandal

Steve Madden’s Boundree sandal gives you Birkenstock for less…literally. Every designer has come out with their take on the Birkenstock sandal. Celine’s is the most famous take on the classic sandal to date. I love Birkenstocks. I know a lot of people think they are ugly, but I wore them quite often in high school.

The Boundree sandal from Steve Madden is great because it comes in four colors/patterns. There is a spotted black and white pattern, a yellow leopard print, and a furry pink and furry black pair that kind of remind me of pony hair. The price-$89.95- is way cheaper than the $1000 price tag of the Celine’s.

Just a little update for everyone. I moved into my new apartment last week, and have officially started school. I also caught a cold, which by the way, has been dragging me down. I finally feel a lot better. I hope my cold is leaving me because I have three more classes this week! Videos will be back as soon as I finish getting myself and my apartment together. Photo from Steve Madden.

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