Shoe of the Week- Wide Calf Boots That Actually Fit From DSW

Wide Calf Boots

Wide Calf Boots

I recently got some wide calf boots from DSW that actually fit my calf muscles. Color me surprised. When I see a boot labeled wide calf in the store, they don’t usually fit.  I get really skeptical when I see the label on boots because of that. However… When I went to DSW there were a ton of boots to pick from. Some fit and some didn’t, but the ones I bought look fantastic.

These Diba B-Combat Wide Calf Over The Knee Boots that I found at DSW actually fit my calf and go all the way up my knees without bunching up or feeling too tight. I had on jeans when I tried them on, and they didn’t cut the circulation off in my legs. I think the zipper on the side helps them fit better too, and the $70 price wasn’t so bad either. Check out the other wide calf boots at DSW.

Also check out this deal going on at DSW’s website during the month of October.


Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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