Sofia Vergara Takes You Behind The Scenes As She Travels To Her Kmart Clothing Line Shoot

Sofia Vergara’s son Manolo tapes his mother being all kinds of cute and funny in the airport as they make their way to New York City to shoot the campaign for her new Kmart clothing line. She is such a fun woman and the video shows that. I love the fact that her son shot the video too. I looked at her clothing line on the Kmart website, but I want to see it in person because the clothing line comes in straight and plus sizes. Have you seen the clothes? Do you like them? How do they fit? Do you love this video as much as I do?  It makes me interested in the clothes.

Jai From The Fat and Skinny

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  1. The video is such fun !!  Luv it…makes me want to go to Kmart and  check out the collection. And I’m not a Kmart fan

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